Changing Distributions

1 A new distribution
2 Salix, first try
3 Packages and their problems
4 Live
5 Install and config
6 Packages and some remarks
7 Conclusion
8 Salix on Luks

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3. Packages and their problems

3.1. Scanner, USB stuff

It seems practically impossible to test the scanners under VirtualBox. There is a process under Fedora that steals the access to the devices from VirtualBox (not only the scanners, but also webcams, hard drives, bridged network adapters etc.) As this is a VirtualBox or Fedora problem, the scanners will have to be tested after the first install. Note that I have tried to do the scanning on a Windows 10 virtual machine, and that also fails.

3.2. Diaadm.imagebank

I have a script that administrates my slides and digital images. It is a TCL/TK script that uses a mysql database for storage. Or a maria db.

Under Salix, maria db is already installed. TCL is not; so install:
slapt-get -i tcl tk mysqltcl

Next, configure the mariadb. This is well documented. As root


chown -R mysql.mysql /var/lib/mysql

chmod 755 /etc/rc.d/rc.mysqld

/etc/rc.d/rc.mysqld start

-Set root (master) password
mysqladmin -u root password 'NEW_PASSWORD'

And then some script-specific things:
bash create
bash import diaadm.dump

The library for the mysql-TCL is, on Slackware, in a different location than on Fedora. For the test, I made a link instead of changing the script. And then:
wish imagebank.tcl

And :


3.3. GNS3

To my surprise, you can install GNS3 with slapt-get. Of course, you need a lot of dependencies:
slapt-get -i python3
slapt-get -i PyQt PyQt5 python3-PyQt5
slapt-get -i gns3 dynampis qemu

Virtual PCs (VPCS) must be downloaded from Sourceforge. You can download a binary.

When testing, I found that gns3 also needs the package xterm. Of course, you can tell gns3 to use another terminal, but slapt-get -i xterm is not that much trouble.

The result is a working gns3:


3.4. VirtualBox

Nesting VirtualBox is not possible. That is also something that has to be tested in a real installation.

3.5. NVIDIA drivers

VirtualBox has its own display, so it is not possible to try the NVIDIA propriety drivers.

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